Zachariah Isaac Drover

Zachariah Isaac Drover

Monday, March 21, 2011

In a Childs mind.....

Brock is my 4 1/2 year old sweetheart little boy.  He is sensitive, strong, caring, loving. He loves his family especially his sister Olivia and Brother Zachariah.  He is so aware of his role in our family - The Big Brother, and he takes that role very seriously!  He adores Olivia, He needs to know where she is at all times and needs to touch her, hug her, kiss her to much and usually more then Liv likes.  He also loves his little baby Zach, this is very wonderful and very difficult at the same time.  He always talks about him and prays that Jesus will take care of him every night.  He will sometimes say that he misses him and that it is not fair that he doesn't have him home.  But the past few nights he has been more upset and concerned about his baby Zach.  He prayed to Jesus the other night " Jesus thank you for taking care of baby Zach for us, but can you make him better and send him home, I really want him home, I need 2 babies, Olivia and Zach" then he asked me if Jesus would send him home.. I responded as well as I could and told him what I have told him many times before, that Zachariah was very sick and the doctors tried to help him but he was to sick and died, Zach is with Jesus now and is not sick and he is happy in heaven, Zachariah can not come home because when you go to heaven you have to stay there.  Brock than told me that this is not fair and he wants his little brother.. I agreed him that it is not fair!  Later Brock was talking about our family and asked if Zach was apart of our family and I told him he was a very special and important part of our family.  He really liked that, but still is confused about heaven and dying.. one day at a time with my little man.. I have been praying for peace and comfort for Brock, that he will just know that Zach is OK.  Brock said that one day when he gets married he wants One Hundred babies and name them all Baby Zach - what a precious boy.  I hate seeing him sad it makes me sad that I can't fix this for him - But I do know someone who can - Brock is to young to understand about Zach but God can give him peace just as he has given me peace. 

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