Zachariah Isaac Drover

Zachariah Isaac Drover

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mothers Day - a letter to Zachariah


I wonder every day what you are doing in heaven?  Are you having a laugh with your grandma or just so overwhelmed in God's prescience.  I know you are happy, and over joyed by where you are.  I do miss you here on earth, I know to you it is not long before I see you again, but here it feels like eternity especially on special days, especially with Mommy's day approaching.  I can picture you running into my bed mothers day morning so excited that you made a card and helped sis bro and dad with breaky, I can picture the laughter and hugs and kisses you would of had for everyone.  I know you are a happy boy, a boy with so much joy it would fill a room and make even the grumpiest person smile!  I miss you my boy, I know God has reasons for everything, and i am content with that, but my heart still breaks when i think about holding you, when I think about how much Brock and Liv would of loved to grow up with you.  This is my 3rd Mothers day without you but for some reason seems the hardest.  Please know that I am not upset that your gone b/c I know how amazing heaven must be for you - my heart just hurts knowing I have to wait so long to see you again.  Know how much I love you - You are my special angel boy who made a huge change in lives of many, especially in mine.  I never will forget the gift you gave me for 107 days of getting to know you, I am a better mom b/c i knew you, Thank you my boy for giving me that gift and allowing me that time with the most special little man.  I will have a few tears next Sunday, but know they will only be because I love you so much that it makes me cry sometimes, but know that My heart is also happy that you are with your father in heaven. 
Until we meet again, Love you forever and always


Your Mommy

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