Zachariah Isaac Drover

Zachariah Isaac Drover

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What If?

I have been thinking a lot about how I live my life, what I say and do, what I believe and how I treat others, my love for others, my faith and does it show in my life.  I want you to do something with me, I want you to think a "What IF" , I am not usually the type of person to do this but I feel it is important to help with an important change I know I need in my life.  Here we go....
What If you were told that in 1 year everything would be taken from you, Your family, your friends, your house, your job, your looks, your talents, You would have nothing tangable to hold on to... Now to do this right you really need to sit and think for a minute, what if it actually happened.
What would change in your life for that last year?  Would you still value the same things, would your talents and the way people look at you matter the same?  Would you focus more on the people you love?  Would you try and help people in need around you more, if it was your last year to ever see them??? Would you cry out to God more (it seems to be the time we do the most.. in crisis)  Would you focus on enternity and wanted to see others there?  Would you put yourself second and put God first?  Would you CHOOSE to respond to circumstances the same, negetively or with Love?  Would you LOVE deeper?

After loosing someone who I loved so deeply for such a short time, and now watching someone who is my best friend and I care about so much go through a very tough battle and fight for her life, I start to realize that life, jobs, talents, people, house, money it could all go in a second.  We can get so caught up in our lives, in who we are, in what defines us instead of who defines us.  Some of us say we want to be saved, we want what God can give us, but we don't want to give God everything.... and the funny thing is, is that these things that we idolize after, that we hold on to so deeply can vanish in a blink.  than what, when everything is gone, then do you turn to God?  When your not the center of the world and no one wants to look at you anymore, or when your dreams come crashing down, then do you start to cry out for help...
I have realized when we have faith and make the CHOICE to put God first then he can use us, he can show us how to love more, how to control our temper, how to manage our money, or how to get through really hard situations.  If we do things for ourselfs and keep trying on our own, life will always be frustating, you will never learn to love properly, or forgive.  Your talents will be wasted and may even crumble in front of your eyes.  Or that person who needed you, who God wanted you to help, and you refused, it may be to late. 

This is heavy stuff but it is so heavy on my heart, to see myself live to my full God potential!  To love and show love like I never have before.. To put others before myself and trust that everything that happens God is still in control and knows tomorrrow.  I don't need approval from man, what I need to do is cry out to God everyday to help me be who he wants me to be.  To love my family and raise my kids in the ways of the Lord.  I want them to live each day as if it were there last, with hope and faith and love, because we live in such a selfish, rich, society it is so easy to forget how blessed we already are.

God brought me little baby Zachariah Isaac Drover and allowed him to stay with my for 107 days for a great purpose.  Through his little life came a huge powerful revaltion in my life and I hope in others.  If God can use his life in such a short time why can't God use my life, use your life.  All we have to do is be willing to give it all up if he asked, not hold on to anything to tight. 

Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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